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Shrek Forever After (2010 - Puss Let Himself Go Scene (6/10) - Movieclips

Do this. Do that. Villagers who once feared and left him alone now circle his house demanding that Shrek autograph their pitchforks. The monster's only refuge is eye-toonies - hard gin and three or four baby blues on a toothpick. Alcohol doesn't help, however. Up pops Rumpelstiltskin, a shady wizard with a slippery contract: He'll make Shrek an ogre again for a day if Shrek gives up something in return. Shrek doesn't read the fine print and - poof! Ogres are being hunted to extinction by dive-bombing witches. Princess Fiona is public enemy No.

Donkey is a cart-pulling mule, forced to sing show tunes at the end of a cracking whip. Puss in Boots is a pampered pet of the evil king, Rumpelstiltskin, and has become unspeakably fat - an orange sofa with claws. Shrek's job is to win back his kingdom. But not before enjoying his slob's day in the sun - scaring the bejesus out of bothersome villagers and enjoying uninterrupted mud baths, slurping back eye-toonies whenever he wants. All of this to the bouncy old Carpenters hit Top of the World. It's a fun moment, typical of the Shrek series, which has always found pleasure in fooling with unlikely pop-culture references.

What makes the series succeed as family entertainment is that it has made these references work for two generations. For instance, a frantic scene here in which witches put on a loop-de-loop air show - a sequence tweens will recognize as a parody of the Quidditch contests in Harry Potter movies. And parents will enjoy for the music, a club version of English Beat's throbbing hit, Click, Click. It's also good to hear Mike Myers as Shrek with something to complain about again. We will miss his slow-boiling exchanges with Eddie Murphy Donkey , a comic partnership that compares favourably to the classic, early TV pairing, Jackie Gleason and Art Carney.

Hell, we'll miss Murphy. Donkey is his only part in more than a decade that allows the comedian to run his mouth at full speed. Rock critic Robert Christgau once said that you can judge box sets by the last disc in the package. In which case the inevitable Shrek box will be very good indeed. The shout line on the Shrek Forever After poster says it best: It ain't ogre till it's ogre. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff.

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Log in. Log out. And lastly, Shrek 4's main potential lies in its romance. With an alternate reality story, Shrek faces a Fiona that has never met him. Therefore, Shrek must find out some way to make Fiona fall in love with him all over again. If you ask me, the romantic aspect of this movie is as innovative as the first Shrek movie, in ways that it tells mature subject matter in the guise of fantasy. The Fiona of the alternate reality mirrors the plight of women who gave up on romance, and one scene certainly negates the falsity of most fairy tales with a line that goes something like: "a mere kiss does not solve everything" It negates other fantasies like "Sleeping Beauty" or "Snow White" because it destroys the superficial aspect of those obsolete fairy tales with a more realistic approach, because indeed, a kiss is nothing if there is no true love that goes with it.

In my opinion, Shrek 4 succeeds in this aspect. Shrek may not be the best movie this summer, or it might not be the funniest Shrek movie, but it certainly is one that is very rich story-wise. Just as his line in the first movie went "I have layers" and there certainly are deeper layers to this story rather than one that will just make you laugh.

Shrek’s lazy example defined a studio and changed animation

Of course, this works out as a great family movie, but it is certainly perfect for couples, most especially married couples, and parents alike. After three films of diminishing quality, more than anything, Shrek Forever After begs the obvious question: why? Unfortunately the answer is also all too obvious with the franchise having grossed one billion dollars domestically and oodles more overseas. For what it's worth, this instalment is better than the last but fails to hold a candle to Shrek 2 and pales to the point of apparition when compared to the original.

The characters that populate the "Shrek" universe remain as endearing as ever in principle, but after four movies there is little that can be done to keep them animated, so to speak. That is why it comes as no surprise that the plot of this film has the mythical land of Far Far Away being turned on its head by the devious Rumplestiltskin, morphing all familiarity into a bizzaro world of sort, and I'll admit, it does add an iota of charm to the proceedings.

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  • Shrek Mike Myers finds himself tired of family life with his ogre wife Fiona Cameron Diaz and longs for his bachelor days of terrifying townsfolk and signs a contract with 'Rumple' as he is less than affectionately called. Things don't turn out nearly as he imagined and Shrek must fulfil a loophole in the contract to turn things back to the way they were.

    The original gang all return along with Shrek and Fiona. There are also a number of celebrity voice cameos including Larry King and Regis Philbin and all add up to a lively time at the movies. In the movies defence, the lack of freshness never translates to boredom. The biggest issue with Shrek the Third was the weak attempt to inflate the voice cast, making things more monotonous yet. DreamWorks has clearly learned from this mistake and in addition to tweaking the familiar character's personas in this alternate reality, find a decent villain in Rumplestiltskin Walt Dohrn along with great comedians the likes of Craig Robinson and Jane Lynch.

    The animation is as stellar as ever and it never ceases to amaze how lifelike a film can look that has a talking donkey at its center. What makes this descendant of Shrek somewhat distinguishable is that it presents itself more as homage then adhering to the spoof ideology that characterized the others.

    There are also many more laughs in this film than the previous, and can often be attributed to site gags sprung from the new universe an obese Puss in Boots provokes more than a few guffaws. What everyone has to remember, first and foremost, is that the "Shrek" franchise is meant for children and I don't believe any of the four instalments could disappoint an eight year old. It is the accompanying adults that need to be wary of the growing tedium in the franchise, but thanks to a plethora of talented actors and a significantly more satisfying storyline, Shrek Forever After makes for an entertaining diversion, even if it's no longer magical.

    TheLittleSongbird 18 January The first Shrek was funny and original, and one of my favourites of its year. The first sequel was just as delightful and as charming, and while the third film wasn't as bad as I thought it would be it did suffer from being too tired and contrived. Shrek Forever After is an improvement on Shrek the Third while lacking the charm, heart and magic that was there clearly in the first two.

    Thankfully, the story is not as contrived as it was in the third film. I loved the idea and it did start off well, the "what would life be like if Shrek had never existed? However, in the middle act it did have its predictable parts. The pace sags a bit too in the middle act particularly when there are parts that don't have as much humour as I would have liked. Also, while the animation was very good on the whole, I did feel that Rumplestiltskin's facial expressions were occasionally overdone and forced.

    Welcome Back, Ogre (Shrek Forever After)

    Criticisms aside, the animation is very good, very colourful and lively with some nice backgrounds. The soundtrack is also great, while the jokes are fresher and wittier than the last one, Donkey getting the best of them. The characters are still likable, the pace is in general snappy and the writing is amusing. The voice acting is also top notch, not only from Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz who are rock-solid but especially from Eddie Murphy who seamlessly comes very close to stealing the film while Antonio Banderas makes a welcome return as Puss.

    Overall, not a classic but an improvement and an entertaining film. The first time I saw it I didn't think it was very funny, but when I went back to see it a second time I was laughing plenty of times. The film also teaches an important lesson that if you have a good life you should not give it up for anything. If Shrek had never met Fiona or any of his friends they all would have had rough lives.

    Overall, the movie is a great conclusion to the film series. Shrek Forever After is a fantastic movie with a very well written storyline and an outstanding voice cast and characters. The Shrek film series have been emotional and funny movies from the very beginning and they have always had humour for kids and adults,Shrek Forever After was for the fourth time in a row a lovely Shrek movie.

    This movie is also filled with some lovely new characters,I particularly liked Butter Pants,a child who is a huge fan of Shrek and constantly asks him at the start of the movie to do his signature roar. Its definitely not as good as the first or second Shrek but it's a big improvement from the third. Shrek Forever After is a pleasing finale to a great film series and fans of the previous Shrek's will definitely be impressed.

    When Shrek starts missing his days as a real ogre he comes across Rumpelstiltskin,who offers him an ogre for a day deal,but it turns out to be a terrible mistake and Shrek has never saved Fiona ,hes never met Donkey,Puss In Boots or the rest of his friends and Rumpelstiltskin is king of Far Far Away. Its now all up to Shrek to get things back to normal and kiss his true love before midnight or he will cease to exist.